Airbnb gift card Latest carding method 2023

Airbnb gift card

Unlike conventional carding techniques like those used by Apple,, and Amazon, Airbnb carding doesn’t call for shipping or the use of a picker. All you need is a live credit card with a balance, a burner phone number, a phony email, and an OPSEC (Operations Security) voucher.

Let me walk you through the most recent Airbnb carding technique for free bookings using a gift card in a nutshell.

In 2008, Airbnb made its debut in the US. It is a website that lets individuals reserve holiday rentals online with gift cards. You can reserve homestays, excursions, and lodging on Airbnb in the most fascinating areas.

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Late in 2009, carders learned that it was possible to card Airbnb; while you couldn’t cash out, you can use a credit card to book a free trip to one of the top hotels in the world.

Additionally, if you don’t live in the US, you can’t trade cards, which is another reason why you need strong OPSEC, such a VPN or socks.
Gift cards bought to fund your Airbnb account, however, are valid as long as the account is open.

Also available are $1,000 gift cards that may be used to pay for opulent getaways.

I outline the resources you need to book Airbnb faster in this part.

The criteria for receiving an Airbnb card are as follows:



For you and your loved ones to reserve a free vacation on Airbnb, you’ll need a CC fullz non vbv live to card. Find a US-registered credit card voucher online first, as Airbnb gift cards may only be used in the US.

Because gift cards are not sold in stores, if you buy a UK credit card, you won’t be able to charge Airbnb.

It is crucial to keep in mind that when adding a credit card to buy a gift card, an OTP will only be needed if the card has not yet been authenticated by Visa.


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airbnb gift card


We’ll utilize two email addresses in this Airbnb gift card carding guide to sign up for two Airbnb accounts.

Any email service provider, including Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, and Protonmail, are acceptable.

Because it makes carding simpler and each email comes with about 100 email aliases, allowing you to add all mails to a single mailbox reception, I utilized for my experience during this time.

However, I also made a second email account on Gmail as part of the verification process.


Of course, the carding approach does not work without an Airbnb account. Using a VPN to connect to US servers makes it even simpler to open an Airbnb account.


To start, make sure you have strong OPSEC if you wish to remain anonymous online. Of course, whenever they want to use any carding method for a rapid withdrawal, carders should always have a carding VPN on available.

We can only buy gift cards with an IP address and payment method from the United States, thus you must first configure the VPN location to the United States. Of course, the payment method (credit/debit card) needed to buy an Airbnb Gift Card is your CC.

You are now aware of the prerequisites and necessary resources. Let’s go on to the steps for effectively carding Airbnb and escaping detection.

The stages for the Airbnb carding process are as follows:


Get a credit card beforehand, either from us or any reputable internet store. Second, join up for paid services like Alexa Webmasters, Pornhub Premium, etc. to make sure the CC is active and functioning. Your credit card is active if it is accepted.


Use one of your Airbnb accounts to log in and get a gift card for only $200.

Follow these steps to add a gift card to your Airbnb account:

Out of the drop-down option, select Account.

The Payment & Payouts tab can be tapped.

Under Airbnb Gift Credit, click Add Gift Card.

Click Redeem Gift Card after entering your Airbnb Gift Card number and PIN.

Send the gift card to the additional Airbnb account you designated as the beneficiary account at this time.

Visit the Airbnb online store to purchase a gift card.

Note: In most circumstances, you must use a desktop computer or switch your mobile browser to desktop mode to use the Airbnb Gift Card Store.

For the gift card to be sent, a name and email address are required. Therefore, input the recipient’s name, email address, and a brief description before sending the gift card (the second Airbnb account you created).

Use the credit card information you acquired online on the payment screen.

Gift cards cost $250 each, but you should only purchase two of them each day.

Note: It is irrelevant whether the credit card information matches what you submit.

Additionally, you can link many CCs and Gift Cards to your recipient account with a single Airbnb Account Card.


Airbnb will deduct from the gift card balance when you make reservations for yourself or loved ones after the gift card balance in your recipient account has been credited.

Make sure you don’t guarantee bookings that cost more than the balance on your Airbnb gift card. I can reserve any hotel in the US for travel, business, etc. But I’m not sure if Airbnb lets you plan trips outside of the US. As a result, you can try selling the account to a US citizen and receiving payment in cash.

Use an escrow during the transaction to foster confidence.

Final thoughts on Airbnb carding for 2022
In most cases, Airbnb completes the transaction in 5 minutes. Don’t worry if yours takes longer than 5 minutes; it will be fixed.

Accept the gift card you sent by opening the recipient’s email address. Alternatively, you can copy the code from the email address and paste it into the recipient’s account to credit your Airbnb account. You can accept the Airbnb Gift Card by clicking the link in the email.

Last but not least, take note that the gift card is permanently stored in your Airbnb account.

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