Benumb cc shop and Deep web Link 2023


After so many reviews about the the Dark web site (benumb shop),the onion site is a good site for cvv carding.


The benumb site have an onion domain http://fvgmmne4jewb4e46xnknufqdqf5shpgn5pmxlajdu4iuzg25w35re5ad.onion/login

All you have to do to access the site is to download tor browser on your PC, always make sure your VPN is turned on.


The benumb site works without JS and they accept multiple cryptocurrencies as well (Bitcoin,Litecoin)

The English is decent considering the admins appear to be Russian – the search is pretty good – decent filters including price – they recently added a pre-order feature plus they have a bin checker as well.

they seem to keep all of their CVV in one base,you have to pay for a invite code upon sign up which would be needed for registration. (not a big can hit me up on TELEGRAM for the invite code price

  • no means to determine when cards were added (how new a card is)… this is really, extremely poor – a $100 minimum deposit is required to acquire cards (this doesn’t bother me, but it could concern you)
Benumb cc shop

Benumb cc shop onion link

I hope you should have download tor already by now. and if you haven’t done that visit this LINK to download TOR browser

After you can now proceed by connecting tor plus VPN..

benumb tor link


Hit me up on TELEGRAM for invite code..i sell for code $40


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  1. spoke to owner via telegram, was very timely and helpful. helped with troubleshooting and any other issues. highly recommended.

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