I finally got it!

I believe this was the most EXCLUSIVE & PRIVATE shop in all of my carding years, thus I have been looking for admission to Flowcc.shop for a few months.
Believe me when I say: THIS WAS NOT EASY!!

I’ve seen a lot in the previous several years. Shops such as Unicc and Feshop. I miss them so much!! (R.I.P.)

cashout method

Why did they come to a halt/were apprehended?
Because they were THE most popular CC stores in the planet. However, more money means more danger for them!!

This is why some CC shops choose to remain secret and expand slowly by restricting access to referral users (invite) ONLY!
This also means they have less CC to offer, yet secret stores like these only sell the best CC! Furthermore, CC is far less expensive!

I can’t think of anything more private and exclusive than this!
Only the best quality and the best price for CC!
CC every day from a private sniffer (No Re-Sell cc)
They are similar to Unicc but smaller, and you can see that they operate for your profit!!!
There is no need for bins (they pre-select them for you)
There aren’t many purchasers for the CC (which is good for you)
Every week, they provide an additional CC discount (but never remove it from not sold base and re-upload the same old CC).

I’m not sure how much longer I can sell this to you! They have a stringent policy against selling invite code access (this is why it is so hard to get in)

This is what Folowcc has to say about it:

*If you have a balance of $35 or more, you can independently generate 1 invite code, which you can then distribute to friends and like-minded individuals. You will be compensated with 10% of the money received from your referral buddies for each payment received.
The minimal monetary level is imposed in order to prevent random persons from selling invite codes. We were alerted that someone is exchanging invite codes on several boards. All invite codes are completely free.

I’ll say it again:

**I, for one, disagree!!! I’d want to make this public for you!
Also, since that all of the nice shops have closed, we need places like these. So flowcc’s claim that all invite codes are free is no longer legitimate! This epoch has passed!
They don’t care that I disagree, and they don’t want me to sell this to the public.

They have the following procedure in place to prevent me or anyone from reselling the invite code.

Flowcc has this to say:

All inactive, low balance and minor purchase accounts, as well as suspicious accounts, have been deactivated from the store. This will aid the store’s operation in private mode. All new member registrations will be subject to an obligatory replenishment of the balance in the amount of $500. 10% of the replenishment value will be credited to the owner of the invite. Following registration, a person will get the entire amount of the initial balance replenishment. This technique should considerably reduce the number of curious and unusual personalities.


F.A.Q. (from flowcc)

Refund policy

We make a refund only if your current balance is at least $50 at the time of creating a refund ticket. All requests for a refund are accepted only through the form for viewing your purchases, and strictly within 5 minutes from the date of purchases. If your balance is over $300 then the time for a refund is 10 minutes. Over $600 then 20 minutes.

Fast refund (option)

Some position sales with a “fast refund” option. It stuff maybe not from a sniffer, and the possible valid rate 50%-60%. if your balance is more than $200, you bought more than 40 pieces of cc, and the count of your purchases is more than the return amount, then if the goods are non-valid, the money will be refunded as quickly as possible (waiting no more than 15 minutes). Product pricing and quality

The price for each item of goods is calculated dynamically based on a complex set of rules. The price depends on type cc, source, country, delay from sniffed, data fullness, and a few more items. We try to keep track of prices so that they are fair for you and us. Within 6 weeks, the price for each item of the product is reduced by $ 2 per week. After, for the last 3 days, the product has the lowest price and is highlighted with a highlight. If the product remains unsold, then it is removed from the sale list and sold in the batch (another place).

Therefore, we cannot have an old or invalid cc. A good product = is a good business


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