How to write Track 1 and 2 Dumps with Pin

Track 1 and 2 Dumps

MCR200 machine and EMV software are required in order to write Track 1 and 2 Dumps with Pin on smart cards with IC Chip. These tracks can only be written on smart cards using MCR200 machine. You cannot write cvv dumps with Pin using EMV software or IC Chip data encryption without having service codes 2’s. To be able to write Track 1 and 2 Dumps with Pin, we developed our very own EMV software from the ground up, starting from scratch. The EMV Software can be purchased in the shop, and the price includes a lifetime license as well as one year of technical support.

Instructions to write Track 1 and 2 Dumps with Pin

  1. Run the emv.exe as admin on your computer after the installation is completed you will be asked for the license key which will provided with the instructions notepad provided along with the software.
  2. Now connect your MCR200 to your laptop and on the software select your hardware and hit “Connect” after being connected and you will be provided with popup notification.
  3. On software select your card format and press “Check USD Port” you will be shown a pop once you are connected to com port.
  4. From the software you can Select Type of Card like Visa, MasterCard etc. From the sotware Press the Button Generate ARQC Key (this will generate a unique ARQC Key).
  5. From the software Press Generate Master Key (This will Generate a Master Key).
  6. From the software Check the Box Generate a New ICVV For Each Transaction.
  7. From the software Accept EPI MCI Credit Debit.
  8. From the software Accept ARPC Key.
  9. From the software Store ARPC Key.
  10. USE EMV Tag and ICVV.
  11. Press the button Check ARQC Key and Check Master Key.
  12. Select The Card Expiration Data (The day is not Important Only the Month and Year)
  13. Enter The Pin code if you have it (If you are in USA and you want to use the card in POS then the PIN Is not Necessary but if you will like to use the Card in ATM then You need the Pin code)
  14. Enter Track 1 and Track 2 ATTENTION THE TRACK 2 NEED TO BE WITH D not = Example 1234567891085696D1465446886489484 Not 1234567891085696=1465446886489484, because the software will burn the data over your EMV Chip in .hex format since the POS/ATM is communicating in .hex not txt.
  15. Now press Valid data a popup will show up with the data you write in the software interface please check if is correct if it is then press Burn-card Button and allow the software 30/1 Min in order for it to burn the data over the EMV Chip.
  17. Read the card again and see if all is ok for this simple run the software as admin, enter your card in the Hardware and from the software interface press the button Read Card allow it 15/30 sec and the data will show up if all is ok.
  18. Now you are ready to use the card in any POS/ATM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy MCR200 hardware?
You can buy MCR200 hardware from Alibaba

Where can I buy Smart Cards?
You can buy Smart Cards from Alibaba

Will card written with software show balance?
Yes you will be able to make shopping transactions and check the balance and cash out from ATM.

Why other software won’t work but only this software?
Well, most of the commercial EMV Software like RB, X2 matrix etc. they all use the same code in fact only the software interface is changing, and ALL OF THEM don’t use any EMV Digital signature, but we do.

Why the EMV Digital is important?
It is very important since when you insert the card in POS/ATM they will first check to see if your card is original or is a fake one and if the card doesn’t have any Digital signature then the transaction will be decline since it is not original, with EMV SDK the EMV Chip will have a digital signature so the POS/ATM will valid the transaction.

Do you have any Trial version?
No, there is no Trial version.

On how many Computers does the license software support?
Since you purchase one license you will only be able to use the software on 1 Computer.

What is the Price for one License?
The price for single lifetime license is $250

How do I purchase EMV software?
You can purchase the EMV software directly from the store and pay with bitcoin during checkout.

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