My Experience with the Lovense Edge 2: Long Term Review

Lucas Knight, our Male Sexual Health & Long Distance Intimacy Contributor, has written an in-depth Lovense Edge 2 Review.

When it comes to our Lovense Edge 2 review, we’re going to handle things a bit differently.

Rather than simply discussing the product, we will provide a comprehensive ‘before, during, and after’ breakdown. From the purchasing process and packaging to the device’s use (including over two years of updates). Also included is our ultimate verdict.

We’ve divided each section so you may read everything or skip to the portions that are most important to you.

Our TL;DR Lovense Edge 2 Customer Review

4.5 stars out of 5. The Lovense Edge 2 is an excellent improvement to the original at $99 USD. It offers a longer battery life, a longer standby time, and a more secure magnetic charging port. Beginners and intermediate users will appreciate the slightly lower maximum diameter (from 1.41 to 1.38 inches) and ease of connection and control via the Lovense Remote app.

Advantages and disadvantages of Edge 2

  1. Pros:
  2.    Controlling internal and external vibrating motors individually.
  3.    The flexible neck is simple to adjust for optimal P-spot contact.
  4.    The app is easy to use, especially the long-distance control options.


  1.    At maximum volume, the external vibrating motor can be fairly loud.
  2.    Only experienced users should use the highest vibration settings.
  3.    If your phone is not nearby, the connection may drop.

We recommend purchasing through Lovense so that you can deal directly with the manufacturer for pricing (discounts) and customer service. However, there are alternative third-party retailers from which to make a purchase:

You’re here because you know what you’re looking for! But, before we get started, we’d want to quickly explain how the Lovense Edge 2 works for anyone who may have stumbled into our review, also you can read how lovense lush 2 v lush 3

Lovense’s Edge 2 is a next-generation remote-controlled vibrating prostate massager. It uses two vibrating motors in the main arm and base of the device to stimulate the prostate and perineum at the same time, which can increase overall enjoyment and generate intense orgasms. The Lovense Remote App allows you or a long-distance companion to manage the vibration intensity and patterns.

If this has piqued your interest, let’s get started!

The Purchase is simple to use, and while I know the checkout and payment process is safe, it also appears and feels safe. When it came to clicking the buy button, I had no reservations.

I received all of the required successful purchase emails, but the most critical one was for the package tracking number.

You may also follow the shipment via your account dashboard, under the ‘My Orders’ option.This made it really simple to track the delivery, and it arrived at my front door within a few days.


Upon opening you’re met with the sleek looking Edge 2. Everything else has been tucked away nicely, creating a cool unboxing experience.

Along with the Edge 2, you also get:

  • User manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • Magnetic USB charging cable, and
  • Storage pouch

A single-use container of lubrication is one item I would have liked to have included. This is especially important for novices who may not have any on hand.I recommend that you add Lovense’s water-based lubricant to your shopping cart.A storage pouch was missing from the original Edge. It’s a fantastic addition that made me question, “What else has changed?”

Differences Between Lovense Edge vs Edge 2

The Lovense Edge and Edge 2 differ primarily in that the Edge has a bigger insertable width of 1.41 inches compared to 1.38 inches on the Edge 2. Making the new model more user-friendly for beginners.

Original Lovense Edge Dimensions

Lovense Edge 2 Dimensions

How To Use Your Lovense Edge 2

Before getting started I did two things, and you should too:

  1. Give your Lovense Edge 2 a light clean: Why? Although it had just been opened, I did it for piece of mind. We’ll go into cleaning suggestions at the conclusion, but this requires you to inspect the silicon from every aspect to ensure there are no tears or other abnormalities.
  2. Test turning it on:I wanted to make certain that it was operational. If yours does not turn on, it is fine; the next step is to fully charge it and then test it again.

The user guide says it should take 100 minutes but I gave it two hours just to make sure. The red charging light was off so I knew it was ready to go!

What’s really cool is that there’s also a battery indicator within the app. Speaking of the app, here’s the connection process we followed.

Here is where you can acquire the Lovense Remote App.

I honestly anticipated that the connection instructions would be ambiguous and that I would have to rely on the Reddit community.

I’m pleased I was mistaken.

The step-by-step instructions provided by Lovense for connecting the Edge 2 to your phone are straightforward.

The only issue I had was that my phone didn’t initially find the Edge 2.

pairing edge 2 with phone

After a minute I closed/reopened the app and device. Then the connection was successful.

successful connection to phone

I’d say this was on my end and something that won’t occur all the time.

For those of us in long-distance relationships who want their spouse to control the fun, the technique is slightly different but equally simple to implement by following Lovense’s instructions.

I initially linked my device without having an account, however in order to use long distance control, you and your companion will need to create one.

I submitted a ‘friend request’ to my partner’s account after setting up the account and pairing the Edge 2. Once accepted, I was able to view their profile!

They then sent a ‘Live Control’ request to control the device remotely. They can also make use of the provided patterns, their voice, synchronised music, and preset alarms. 

TIP: When it comes to partner control, it’s critical to be honest about what you enjoy and dislike. The best suggestion, especially for novices, is to start slowly with low vibration settings and simple patterns. Giving your spouse complete control may put you off!

Lovense provides a guide for troubleshooting connection issues, or you can contact their support team directly.

Now that we are connected, the excitement can commence.

How to insert Lovense Edge 2 properly

For those unfamiliar with prostate massagers, it is essential to relax; otherwise, the enjoyment will end immediately. Massage can be beneficial, making it simpler to locate your P-spot.

Be bold when it comes to administering water-based lubricant! Utilize a substantial quantity on yourself and the device. Over time, you will determine the required quantity.

Following Lovense’s instructions, I held the base and neck with my left hand while guiding the insertable arm in slowly with my other thumb and index finger.

There was some pressure but no discomfort, so I was at ease and used the appropriate amount of lubricant.

As soon as I inserted it, I realized it wasn’t hitting the correct spot, so the adjustable neck made perfect sense. It was a much simpler process than anticipated, and we only needed a couple of adjustments to get there.

Finding the prostate will vary from person to person; however, provides a general guide to assist.

Lovense Edge 2 vibration patterns

Before selecting any patterns or vibration levels check out the GIF below, that shows just how powerful the Edge 2 is.

Personally, the highest vibration setting was too much. I quickly went back to the low and mid range settings. I’d suggest starting here and if you want to ‘dance with the devil’ go for it, but you’ve been warned!

edge 2 vibration levels GIF demonstration

When it comes to the Edge 2’s vibration patterns you effectively have an unlimited amount of options, there are:

  • Three levels of intensity (low, medium and high)
  • Four preset patterns (pulse, wave, fireworks and earthquake)
  • Sound activated patterns (voice via phone)
  • Create your own vibration patterns, and
  • Upload/save vibration patterns from the Lovense community

I really enjoyed the preset pattern, pulse, and syncing to music. Unfortunately, you can only sync music from Spotify if you have Premium, which is a bummer. If you don’t, you’ll need to load songs onto the app via your phone.

Rather than recommend something for you to try, you should go through each and find what vibration patterns suit your tastes.

  • Another option that extends past vibration patterns is to search through Reddit. There you’ll find hints and tips to getting the most out of the Lovense Edge and Edge 2. Take a look at:

TIP: I did find the Edge 2 to be quite loud on certain settings and it was likely being caused by the second vibrating motor in the base. You can turn the intensity level down or completely off, which reduced noise levels significantly.


To be completely honest, it was daunting at the beginning but turned out to be an amazing experience. I hadn’t felt anything life it before.

We plan to use it for special occasions and will update this Lovense Edge 2 review with any tips and tricks that come up.

But we’re not finished here, how you clean and store your device is super important.


It was super easy to clean for two reasons:

  1. The silicon casing is non-porous so bacteria and other things can’t be absorbed and only stay on the surface.
  2. It’s also waterproof, which felt like it made it easier to clean when it was completely under water.

Lovense recommends using warm water and mild soap or an adult toy cleaner.

To be honest, I don’t think a specific toy cleaner is necessary, especially when everyone should have mild soap at home.

I put a couple of drops of antibacterial dish soap into a bucket and then filled it with enough warm water to just submerge the Edge 2. There’s no problem with starting to clean right away, but I decided to let it sit for a minute to warm up and allow the soap to get to work.

I then submerged a cloth and cleaned the Edge 2 thoroughly, I repeat, THOROUGHLY, until I was happy it was clean.

The next step was to rinse it off, check to make sure there were no issues, pat it down with a separate clean cloth and then let it rest for a moment to air dry.

TIP: Once it’s dry, charge it. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be in a position where it runs out of juice half way through your next session!


Once the Lovense Edge 2 has fully recharged place it into the included pouch to keep it from coming into direct contact with other objects.

When storing, make sure it’s in a cool and dry place that wont have large fluctuations in temperature. This is really just a precaution to keep the motor and battery in good working order.

Our choice, the sock draw! It also doubles as a secure (and boring) place away from prying eyes.


As this Lovense Edge 2 review has been live for some time. This section is to give you an idea of how the device stacks up over the long-term.


  • No signs of wear and tear.
  • Becoming easier to insert with each session.
  • Connection dropout happened a couple of times.


  • Now comfortable using the external vibrating motor.
  • No connection dropouts with having phone close by.
  • Charging and battery life is still great with no noticeable change.
  • One year
  • Continue to favor the Edge 2 over the We-Vibe Vector+.
  • Slight battery life decrease. But may be due to using stronger vibration modes.
  • Partner still enjoys taking control in long distance mode. Especially voice-activated vibrations!


  • Device smell has changed slightly. Even after thorough (before an after) cleaning.
  • Compared to three additional prostate massagers. Still the finest option IMO.
  • Have used the device less, but it is an incredible toy with a reasonable longevity for the price.

Considering to buy after our Lovense Edge 2 review? (final thoughts)

Our one word recommendation?


The Lovense Edge 2 is an excellent choice for anyone interested in attempting a remote control prostate massager or an experienced user searching for a high-tech solution.

As a second generation model, it features much needed feature enhancements that make it more usable for a larger range of users.

Long-distance couples will appreciate how the Lovense Remote App allows both of you to engage with ALL of their gadgets in so many interesting ways.

However, there are a handful of cautions.

If you don’t need long-distance control, there are less expensive, low-tech options available.

We don’t believe the size should be intimidating for newcomers. If it is, there are similar devices in our vibrating prostate massagers comparison guide with a lower max width and long distance control that are worth considering.

Are you ready to jump in?

We recommend purchasing directly from Lovense so that you can deal with the manufacturer on pricing (including discounts) and customer service. However, there are alternative third-party retailers from which to make a purchase:

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovense Edge 2

How long does Lovense Edge 2 last?

When using the level 1 vibration strength, the Lovense Edge 2 can last up to 100 minutes on a single battery. Level 2 will last up to 80 minutes, while Level 3 will last up to 60 minutes. The battery may last up to 150 hours in standby mode (when not in use).

Can you sync Edge 2 to a Max / Max 2?

Unfortunately, the Edge 2 cannot be synced to a Max / Max 2. Only a Max or Max 2 may currently sync with Lovense’s Nora (rabbit vibrator) or another Max / Max 2.

Can a female use the Lovense Edge 2?

While it was designed with the prostate and perineum of a man in mind. Females can, in fact, use the Edge 2. Women have described it as acting like a rabbit vibrator, with the arm utilized for vaginal stimulation and the base used for clitoral stimulation.

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean your Lovense Edge 2?

Yes, you can clean your Lovense Edge 2 with rubbing alcohol on occasion for deep or intense cleaning. Before and after each use, clean the sex toy with warm water and mild antibacterial soap or the manufacturer’s recommended sex toy cleaning.

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