When you buy netflix account from us you get a one year subscription plan,

this means you dont have to pay for no monthly subscription after you purchase netfix account from us



Buy NETFLIX account

Description NETFLIX.COM/Netflix – Premium — (!) Data on the account (especially the password) cannot be changed, otherwise you will lose your account! – Creating new profiles is prohibited – Changing the language is prohibited (this is a guarantee that the account will work for a long time and the owner will not understand anything) – It is not recommended to use a VPN – Use the cleanest IP (your own) or buy a good proxy – Accounts with owners, you only have data from the site —

Format: login: password IMPORTANT: Netflix has long improved the protection system, and if you log in from a bad ip or a banned device, it will be displayed that the data on the site is not correct, although in fact the account will be fully functional. To avoid this, you need to log in with a good, better home ip or buy high-quality proxies.

Below in the video is an example of how, from a bad ip (vpn), we go into the account and write incorrect data, after that we clear the cache, switch to a proxy and log in using the same data, and the same account is fully working!

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