What is Genesis.market bot – Detailed

Genesis.market bot 2022

Everything you need to know about genesis market bot 2022

Im guessing you might have alot of probably a few about the genesis market.

Well if you never heard about the genesis market im going to explain briefly.

The genesis market is a darkweb invitation sign up based website that deals with online credentials and including bank accounts,paypal accounts and many other common know websites on the web in general,which mean you can gain access to a couple of online usernames and password with just few bucks,sounds funny right ? yeah its real its a websites that claims to grabbed over 400k accounts of victims around the world and i know you might be wondering how this is done right? its done using botnets..now this begs the question ..what is genesis market bots..

This begs the question,What is Genesis market bot 2022?

Genesis market bot is a powerful botnet that grabs information from its victims computer and automatically imports it to the gene market website. So far the genesis market bot has successfully grabbed over 420k online credentials from victims around the world.

signing up on the genesis market is only by invitation only the fake websites uses no invitation,be careful of fake genesis market on google..

To have the genesis market invite code you can contact us on TELEGRAM for the code,we sell invite code for $20 link to telegram https://t.me/CYBERLANCASTER

Genesis market link is Genesis.market

visit this link to learn how to use the genesis market https://genesismarketinvite.org/how-to-use-genesis-market-bots/

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